Education and Outreach

Protecting the environment requires the participation of informed citizens to be a part of environmental decisions that affect all levels of society. One of the most important components of the Molina Center for Energy and the Environment (MCE2) is its education and outreach program, which aims to raise public awareness and knowledge of environmental issues and challenges. Environmental education is essential for people to understand how their individual actions affect the larger community. Moreover, it enables them to acquire useful problem-solving and decision-making skills, and take an active role in the preservation and restoration of the environment.

The Center is committed to giving everyone a share in protecting the environment by raising public awareness and contributing to the education and training of young scientists who will be addressing environmental problems in the future.  The 2006 MILAGRO Campaign (Megacity Initiative: Local and Global Research Observations) – the largest international collaborative scientific project to study atmospheric pollution in megacities and their impact on a local, regional and global scale -- provided a unique platform for the Molina Center to launch its educational initiatives. The campaign brought together a large group of renowned scientists in Mexico City giving the Center the opportunity to set up a series of education and outreach activities in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Ecología, UNAM and other Mexican institutions. The activities included public lecture series, a poster exhibit, guided tours of the air quality monitoring sites, meteorological workshops for young adults, internships for college students, and the “¡Hagamos un MILAGRO por el aire!” contest for high school students.

The Center has initiated other educational and outreach activities, including training courses in modeling for Mexican government officials and researchers, the co-production of the documentary: Megaciudades: MILAGRO en la Ciudad de Mexico, the development and implementation of the Youth Encounter, “ Hagamos un MILAGRO por el Aire” for  high school students, the design and implementation of professional development workshop for high school teachers, as well as promoting international scientific cooperation and exchange


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