Education During MILAGRO


Poster and essay contest

¡Hagamos un milagro!

The goal of the contest  is to promote the education of students in the technical and scientific aspects related to atmospheric pollution in megacities and their impact on the health of the population and ecosystems, as well as its possible solutions; to promote greater interest for science and scientific careers  among high school students.


Public lectures.

Public lectures will be given at Universum Museum at UNAM on Thursdays (in English with Spanish translation for general public) and Fridays (in Spanish for elementary and secondary students) throughout the month of March.  Additional lectures are scheduled at measurement sites in the states of Mexico, Hidalgo and Veracruz, as well as at some local schools.

Scientific research.


The Milagro Campaign will provide scientific training for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and undergraduate students from participating institutions in Mexico, US, Europe and other countries.  These students will have the opportunity to work on measurement and analysis tasks with scientists from a range of international institutions.

In addition, internship for college students to work with scientists during the campaign will be available; this could continue even after the campaign.


Guided tours.


Tours to measurement sites are being organized for students in junior high school and college as well as for technicians, officials, scientists, graduate students.

The objective is to promote communication between participating scientists in the campaign and students and the general public, and to raise awareness on the air quality problem, its effects and possible solutions.

Special poster exhibit.


The exhibit consists of eighteen informational posters about air pollution, its impacts and the activities of the MILAGRO campaigns, recommended actions that anybody can carry out to help to improve air quality in the city.



Meteorological workshops for young adults will be conducted at the Universum in UNAM during the month of March. In addition, technical workshops are being planned for college students and technical investigators.