¡Hagamos un MILAGRO por el Aire!

hagamos_small The “¡Hagamos un MILAGRO por el aire!” Contest (“Let’s make a miracle for the air!”) is an educational program addressed to high school students and teachers, which goal is to raise their awareness about pollution, climate change and its impacts. This space provides the students an opportunity to express possible solutions to environmental problems, and for teachers, it offers didactic tools for environmental education, as well as state of the art information on environmental issues.

The program started in 2006 during the MILAGRO Campaign. Since then, the program has been successfully carried out every year, reaching more people and increasing the participants each time.

Each year, the contest concludes with the “¡Hagamos un MILAGRO por el Aire! Encounter”, where for two days, teachers and students from very different social backgrounds interact among each other and with renowned experts in environmental matters, with the objective of learning and proposing possible solutions to the environmental problems that we face.

We invite you to go through each year’s page, where you will find more information about this educational program.

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