GURME Workshop

WMO GURME Training Course on Air Quality Modeling for Latin American Cities Project.

Date: August 10-24, 2009 - Mexico City


Workshop Summary

GURME Workshop

Additional Workshop Material

The WRF User's Guide:
Available online at:

The WRF/Chem User's Guide:
Available online at:

WRF-Chem Tutorials
-Presentations Steven Peckham
WRF/Chem: A Quick Review Of How To Set-Up & Run
-Presentations Georg Grell
-Mexico City WRF/Chem tutorial
-Presentations Rainer Schmitz
Descripción de la química de WRF/Chem
Introduction to aerosol modeling with WRF/Chem

WRF Tutorial (David Gill and Cindy Bruyere):
WRF Modeling System Overview
Set Up and Run WRF
Running the WRF Preprocessing system (WPS)
WRF Nesting: Set Up and Run
Post-processing Tools
WRF and WPS: Compile