Symposium on Particulate Matter

Endicott House, August 12-13, 2003


MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment
MIT Integrated Program on Urban, Regional and Global Air Pollution
Northeast States Clean Air Foundation
American Petroleum Institute, California Air Resources Board, Cummins Inc., Diesel Technology Forum, EPRI, ExxonMobil, Ford Motor Company, Health Effects Institute, MARAMA, National Commission on Energy Policy, NESCAUM, PSEG, Sunoco, Inc., US Department of Energy, US Department of Transportation, US Environmental Protection Agency
Tuesday, Agust 12, 2003
Speaker Organization Subject Moderator
Bob Slott MIT Announcements
Mario Molina MIT Introduction
Jim Vickery EPA NARSTO PM Assessment
John Bachmann EPA Regulations affecting PM including visibility Mario Molina
Tom Curran EPA Ambient PM trends and Air Quality Index forecasts
Judy Chow DRI Challenges in PM measurement
Chuck Kolb Aerodyne Real-time and near real-time fine particle composition instrumentation Phil Hopke
Phil Hopke Clarkson University The New National Ambient Air Monitoring Strategy
Dan Greenbaum HEI Health Effects
Mike Brauer, UBC U British Columbia Exposure to particulate matter Dan Greenbaum
Nancy Brown LBNL Field and Modeling Investigations of the Fate of Outdoor PM-2.5 in Residences
Ron Wyzga EPRI Health Effects
Mark Utell U Rochester Pulmonary
Doug Dockery Harvard U Epidemiology
Ted Russell GIT Transport & Modeling Bob Slott
Axel Friedrich Umweltbundesamt (UBA) PM Control Strategies in Europe
Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Speaker Organization Subject Moderator
Praveen Amar NESCAUM Announcements
John Watson DRI Applications of Receptor Methods to Air Pollution Problem Solving Praveen Amar
Praveen Amar NESCAUM Controlling Emissions from Industrial Sources of PM and its Precursors
Steve Cadle GM Nonroad Mobile Source Emissions
Dave Kittelson U Minnesota Nano Particles
Matti Maricq Ford Mobile Source PM
John Fairbanks DOE Overview of Issues Involving Diesel and Natural Gas Engine Buses Steve Cadle
Doug Lawson NREL DOE's Gasoline/Diesel PM Split Study
Wayne Miller UC Riverside Effect of Driving Cycles on HDDV PM
Tim Johnson Corning Aftertreatment PM Control Measures
Spyros Pandis CMU Pittsburgh Supersite
Panel: If I were King, What would be particulate control policy? What would be particulate research objectives? Bob Slott
Alan Lloyd ARB
Tom Grahame DOE
Allen Schaeffer DTF
Vickie Patton ED
Ken Colburn NESCAUM
John Shanahan
U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
Chris Miller U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works