2013 Fall AGU Meeting



A029. Emissions and impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers

Short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs)-black carbon, methane and tropospheric (ground-level) ozone- are harmful air pollutants that also contribute significantly to climate change. Recent scientific evidence demonstrates that control of black carbon particles and methane (tropospheric ozone precursor) through rapid implementation of proven emission reduction measures would have immediate and multiple benefits for human well-being. This session will examine the emissions of SLCFs, their transport and transformation in the atmosphere and their impacts on air quality and climate.

Invited authors:
Dr. Tami Bond, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Gregory Carmichael, University of Iowa
Dr. Robert Harriss, Environmental Defense Fund and Houston Advanced Research Center
Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 
University of California, San Diego.

Luisa T. Molina, Molina Center for Energy and the Environment
Charles Kolb, Aerodyne Research

AGU Program (PDF)

Monday December 09, 2013


Session Info

8:00 AM-12:20 PM, Hall A-C (Moscone South), Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers I Posters (cosponsored by AMS)

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0032. Building a Sectional Aerosol Model In CAM5
P. Yu; O.B. Toon

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0033. Is the radiative forcing due to black carbon aerosols as large as some recent studies suggest?
O. Boucher; R. Wang; Y. Balkanski; S. Tao; G.Myhre; M. Valari; N. Huneeus

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0034. CalculaUon and use of mabtcs to estimate Near-term Climate Forcing

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0035. Modeling Study of the Contribution of Wildfires to Ambient Black Carbon Concentrations
S.H. Chung; R. Gonzalez- Abraham;B.K. Lamb; N.K.Larkin; T.Strand; S. O'Neill

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0036. Investigating Optical Properties of Carbonaceous Aerosols and their Global Radiative Impacts
X. Wang; C.L. Heald

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0037. Optical properties of soot particles: measurement- model comparison
S. Forestieri; A.T.Lambe;D. Lack; P. Massoli; E.S.Cross; M. Dubey; C.Mazzoleni; J. Olfert;A. Freedman; P. Davidovits; T.B. Onasch;C.D. Cappa

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0038. Parlicle Morphology From Wood-Burning Cook Stoves Emissions
O. Peralta; G.Carabali; T.Castro; R. Torres; L.G. Ruiz; L.T. Molina; I. Saavedra

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0039. Vehicular Diesel controlemissions benefit assessment in Mexico City
J. Garcia-Reynoso;A.D.Jazcilevich; L. Ruiz-Suarez;X. Cruz-Nunez; A.R. Rojas; M.R. Tripp

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0040. Commuter exposure to black carbon,carbon monoxide, and noise in the mass transport khlong boats of Bangkok, Thailand
A.D. Ziegler; E. Velasco; K.J. Ho

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0041. Sources of Black Carbon In the Arctic Troposphere
L. Qi; Q. Li; Y. Mao; Y.Chen; J.T. Randerson

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0042. Real-Time Measurements of Ethane for Source Atribution of Methane Plumes from Oil and Gas Facilities
T.l. Yacovitch; C. Floerchinger; J.R. Roscioli; S. Herndon; E. Fortner; W.B. Knighton; G. Petron; C. Sweeney; A. Karion; J. Kofler; G. Iglesias; M.A. Zavala; LT. Molina

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0043. Assessing Rates of Global Warming Emissions from Port - Fuel Injection and Gasoline Direct Injection Engines in Light-Duty Passenger Vehicles
D. Short; D. Vi; T. Durbin; G. Karavalakis; A.A. Asa-Awuku

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0044. Tracking the sources of tropospheric ozone
T.M. Butler; G. Churkina; J. Coates; R. Grote; K. Mar; E. von Schneidemesser; S. Zhu

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0045. Contributions of diesel vehicle emissions to Arctic black carbon in the OsloCTM2
M.T. Lund; T. Berntsen

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0048. Black Carbon And Co-Pollutants Emissions And Energy Efficiency From Bricks Production In Guanajuato, Mexico
LT. Molina; M. Zavala; P. Maiz; I. Monsivais; J. Chow; J. Munguia

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

Abstract Withdrawn

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0048. Transport of Mineral Dust Aerosols to the Arctic
S. Fan

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0049. Investigating high concentrations of three greenhouse gases in the Los Angeles Basin and San Bernardino Valley
R. Kirpes; D.R. Blake; J. Marrero

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0050. Modeling methane emissions by cattle production systems in Mexico
O.A. Castelan-Ortega; J. Ku Vera; LT. Molina

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0051. Measurements of Enchanced Black carbon and Brown Carbon Absorption in Biomass Burning Emissions
E. Beamesderfer; R.P. POKHREL; S.M. Murphy; D. Lack; J.M. Langridge; N.L Wagner

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0052. Cookstova Emissions Quantified wHh the Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory During the Short Lived Climate Forcing (SLCF) 2013 campaign in Patzcuaro Mexico
R. GONZALEZ ABRAHAM; M. Zavala; LT. Molina; E. Fortner; J. Wormhoudt; B. Knighton; S. Herndon; J.R. Roscioli; T.B. Onasch; J.T. Jayne; D.R. Worsnop; C.E. Kolb; 0. Masera; V. Berrueta

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0053. Black Carbon Rux Across the Himalaya through the Kali Gandaki Valley In Nepal
S. Dhungel; A.K. Panday; K.S. Mahala

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0054. The scavenging processes controlling the seasonal cycle in Arctic sulphate and black carbon aerosol
K. Pringle; J. Browse; K.S. Carslaw; S. Arnold; 0. Boucher

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0055. Seasonal variations of Asian black carbon outflow to the Pacific: Contribution from anthropogenic sources In China and biomass burning sources In Siberia and Southeast Asia
H. Matsui; M. Koike; Y. Kondo; N. Oshima; N.Moteki; Y. Kanaya; A. Takami; M. Irwin

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

Abstract Withdrawn

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0057. Investigating the forcing-per-emission relationship of regional BC direct and cloud-related climate effects
Y. Chen; T.C. Bond; H. Wang; B. Singh;P.J. Rasch

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0058. Shifting seasonal cycles of surface ozone: the role of regional w. global emission changes
O. Clifton; A.M. Fiore;G.J. Correa;V. Naik; L.W. Horowitz

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0059. Evolution of biomass burning aerosolover the Amazon: airborne measurements of aerosol cllemical composition, microphysical properties,mixing state and optical propertiea during SAMBBA
W.Morgan; J.D. Allan; M. Flynn;E. Darbyshire; A. Hodgson; D.Liu; S. O'Shea; S. Bauguitte; K.Szpek; B. Johnson; J. Haywood;K.Longo;P.Artaxo;H.Coe

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0080.Black Carbon,C02,CO,CH4, and C2-C4 Hydrocarbon Emissions from Agricultural Residue Burning
S.P. Baker; E. Lincoln; M. Richardson

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0081. Methane emissions by management and natment of municipal wastewater In Mexico 2010.
M.G. Paredes Figueroa; L.P. Guereca;A. Noyola; S. Herndon; J.R.Roscioli; T.l. Yacovitch; E. Fortner: W.B.Knighton: LT. Molina

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0082.Initial characterization of surface-based carbonaceous aerosol during DISCOVER-AQ In Houston, TX
R.J. Sheesley; T.E. Barrett:S. Yoon; A. Clark; S. Usenko

8:00 AM -12:20 PM

A11C-0083. The climate Impact of ship NOx emissions: uncertainties due to plume chemistry
C.D. Holmes; M.J. Prather; G.C. Vinken

1:40 PM-3:40 PM,3004 (Moscone West), Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers II (Cosponsored by AMS)

1:40-1:42 PM


1:42-2:06 PM

A131-01.Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers (Invited)
G.R. Carmichael:P.Marrapu; Y. Cheng; P.E. Saide; G. Beig; S.Spak;M.G.Schultz; S.Kulkarni; N.Sobhani; S.K. Sahu;M. Gao; L. Liu

2:06-2:30 PM

A131-02.The value of emissions from a single source (Invited)
T.C. Bond; Y. Chen

2:30-2:54 PM

A131-03.Emerging Methane Sources:A Bang or Whimper? (Invited)
R.C. Harriss

2:54-3:14 PM

Panel Discussion (Moderator: Brian Lamb, Panelists: G.R. Carmichael, T.C. Bond, R.C. Harriss, V. Ramanathan)

3:14-3:27 PM

A131-04.Brick Kiln Emissions Quantified with the Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory During the Short Lived Climate Forcing (SLCF) 2013 Campaign In Guanajuato Mexico
E. Fortner; W.B. Knighton; S. Herndon; J.R. Roscioli; M. Zavala; T.B.Onasch; J.T. Jayne; D.R. Worsnop;C.E. Kolb; LT. Molina

3:27-3:40 PM

A131-05.Meuuremant of Black carbon and Co-pollutants Emltiad from Diesel Vehicles in Mexico
M.A. Zavala; LT. Molina: E. Fortner: S. Herndon;B.Knighton; T.l. Yacovitch;C.R. Floerchinger; J.R. Roscioli; C.E. Kolb;V.H.Paramo; S. Zirath; J. Mejia; A.D. Jazcilevich

4:00 PM-6:00 PM3004 (Moscone West), Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers III (cosponsored by AMS)

4:00-4:15 PM

A14A-01. Improvlng SLCF Science In the Himalayan Region: ICIMOD's Atmosphere Initiative
A.K. Panday;B.B. Pradhan; V. Surapipith

4:15-4:30 PM

A14A-02. Dependance of Aerosol Single Scattering Albedo on Biomass Combustion Efficiency: laboratory and Field Studies
S.Liu; A.C. Aiken: C. Arata: M. Dubey; C. Stockwell; R.J. Yokelson: E. Stone; T.S. Jayarathne; A.L. Robinson; K. Carrico

4:30-4:45 PM

A14A-03. Tropical biomass bumlng Is a larger than axpactad source of black carbon aerosol
C. Reddington; D.V. Spracklen;A Rap; P.P. Artaxo: K.S.Carslaw: G. Mann: LV. Rizzo: A. Arana: W.Morgan: H. Coe

4:45-5:00 PM

A14A-04. Chemical and opticalchanges to black carbon during aging
E.C. Browne; J.P. Franklin; J.H. Kroll

5:00-5:15 PM

A14A-05. Assessing the Extent of Black Carbon Absorption Enhancements from Field Observations
C.D.Cappa; X. Zhang; AR. Metcalf; H. Kim; Q. Zhang; K. Zimmermann; T.H. Bertram; AL Corrigan; LM.Russell

5:15-5:30 PM

A14A-06. Single Scattering Albedo Measurements of Fresh and Aged Biomass Burning Aerosol
R.P. POKHREL; E. Beamesderfer; S.M. Murphy; D. Lack; J.M. Langridge; N.L Wagner

5:30-5:45 PM

A14A-07. Elevated Methane Concentrations In Trees of an Upland Forest
K.R. Covey; SA Wood;R.J. Warren; X. Lee; M.A. Bradford

5:45-6:00 PM

A14A-08. Global Modeling and Projection of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants In an Earth System Model
K. Sudo; T. Takemura; Z. Kliment; J. Kurokawa; H. Akimoto


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1:40 PM-3:40 PM,3004 (Moscone West), Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers V (Cosponsored by AMS)

1:40-1:55 PM

A23K-01.High Time Resolution Measurements of Methane Fluxes From Enteric Fennentalion in Cattle Rumen.
C.R. Floerchinger; S. Herndon;E. Fortner; J.R. Roscioli;C.E.Kolb; W.B. Knighton; LT. Molina; M. Zavala; 0. Castelan; J. Ku Vera; E. Castillo

1:55-2:10 PM

A23K-02.Charactartzatlon of Ambient Black carbon Aerosols
R. Zhang;M.E. Levy; J. Zheng; LT. Molina

2:10-2:25 PM

A23K-03. Pilot study to reduce emissions,improve health,and offset BC emiasions through the distribution of improved cook stoves in Nepal
B.Banmali Pradhan; A.K. Panday; V. Surapipith

2:25-2:40 PM

A. Fomaro; M. Andrade; R.M. Miranda

2:40-2:55 PM

A23K-O5. Effects of Particle Filters and Accelerated Engine Replacement on Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle Emissions of Black Carbon, Nitrogen Oxides, and Ultrafine Particles
T.Kirchstetter;C. Preble; T.R. Dallmann; S.J. DeMartini; N.W. Tang; N.M. Kreisberg; S.V.Hering; R.A. Hartey

2:55-3:10 PM

A23K-08. Globalbudget and radiative forcing of black carbon aerosol: constraints from pole-to-pole (HIPPO) observations across the Pacific
Q. Wang; D.J. Jacob; J.Spackman;A.E. Perring; J.P. Schwarz;D.W. Fahey; Y. Kondo; N. Moteki; E.A. Marais; J. Wang; G. Ge; S. Barrett

3:10-3:25 PM

A23K-07. The role of HFCa In mitigating 21st century climate change.
Y.Xu; D.Zaelke; G.J. Velders; V. Ramanathan

3:25-3:40 PM

A23K-08. Vertical stratifiadion of pollutants over Santiago de Chile
L. Gallardo; R.F. Rondanelli; R. Fuentes; C. Farias