ACS 246th Meeting

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Air Quality at the Interface - AM Session
Megacities and Agroecosystems

Cosponsored by: CEI, ENVR
Financially supported by:  Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Organizers: Elin Ulrich, George Cobb, Laura Mc Connell, Peter Green, Sasha Madronich
Presiders: Elin Ulrich
Pres Time  Pub #  Presentation Title 
 8:30 am   Introductory Remarks
 8:35 am  300 Understanding the origin of aerosols at the urban-regional interface
Sasha Madronich
 9:05 am  301 Agricultural influences on air quality from California's San Joaquin Valley to the Chesapeake Bay area
Cody J Howard, Jianlin Hu, Michael J Kleeman, Peter G Green, Laura L McConnell, Cathleen J Hapeman.
 9:25 am  302 Demonstration and evaluation of open-air tracer ratio flux measurements of methane andother trace gas emissions from pastured animals at low altitude, semi-tropical and higheraltitude, semi-arid sites in Mexico
Charles E Kolb, Scott C Herndon, W Berk Knighton, Cody Floerchinger, Edward C Fortner, Joseph R Roscioli, Tara Yacovitch, Octavio A Castelán, Juan Ku Vera, Epigmenio Castillo, Miguel A Zavala, Luisa T Molina.
 9:45 am  303 Analysis and evaluation of measured trace gas emissions from farm animals in Mexico
Luisa T Molina, Miguel A Zavala, Octavio A Castelán, Juan Ku Vera, Epigmenio Castillo, Scott C Herndon, W Berk Knighton, Cody Floerchinger, Edward C Fortner, Joseph R Roscioli, Charles E Kolb.
 10:05am   Intermission
 10:25 am  304  Field evaluation of EPA approved PM10 and PM2.5 ambient FRM samplers for determining emission concentrations from agricultural sources
Michael Buser, Derek Whitelock.
 10:45 am  305  Field evaluation of EPA Method 201a (stack sampling methodology) for determining PM2.5 and PM10 emission concentrations from an agricultural source
Michael Buser, Derek Whitelock.
 11:05 am  306 Oil and gas exploration impacts on air quality and their potential implications for agriculture
Eduardo P Olaguer
11:25 am 307 Air pollution in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires: From emission inventories to air qualityimpacts
Dario R Gomez, Victoria Pereyra, Mariana Matranga, Melisa Diaz Resquin, Marina Dos Santos, Fabian Fujiwara, Laura Dawidowski, Patricia Smichowski, Rosana Abrutzky.


Air Quality at the Interface - PM Session
Megacities and Agricultural Areas

Cosponsored by: CEI, ENVR
Financially supported by: Society of Environmental Toxicology, and Chemistry
Organizers: George Cobb
Presiders: George Cobb
Pres Time Pub # Presentation Title
1:00 pm  330 Can the oxidative stress responses in pine needles be used as reliable biomarkers to assessexposure to POPs?
Karina SB Miglioranza, Mariana Gonzalez, Paola M Ondarza, Mirta L Menone, Francesca M Mitton, German Lukaszewicz, Valeria M Shimabukuro, Gilberto Fillmann.
 1:20 pm  331 Design and performance of a study for the determination of trichlorofon transferrable residuesfrom turf and residues in air
Michael E. Krolski, Curt Lunchick.
 1:40 pm  332 Brominated flame retardants in the Great Lakes atmosphere
Amina Salamova, Ronald A Hites.
 2:00 pm  333 Airborne steroids and growth promoters near concentrated animal feeding operations
George P Cobb, Brett Blackwell, Mike Buser, Brad Johnson, Matt Baker, Philip N Smith.
 2:20 pm  334 Examining the fate and transport of Î± - and Î² -endosulfan in the atmosphere of South FloridaCathleen J Hapeman, Laura L McConnell, Thomas L Potter, Jennifer A Harman-Fetcho, Clifford P Rice, Bruce A Schaffer, Richard Curry.
 2:40 pm    Panel Discussion
 3:40 pm    Concluding Remarks