Welcome to the Inter-American Network for Atmospheric and Biospheric Studies (IANABIS). This collaborative research and monitoring program was initiated in 2002 to provide scientifically based information focused on improving our understanding of the nature and scope of air pollution and climate issues facing the Americas.

The overall goal of the Inter-American Network is to assess natural and anthropogenic contributions to the aerosol burden and its regional and global climatic effects through a network of observational sites. The Network, with focus on Latin America , will coordinate its activities with those of other existing networks in North America . It will provide an essential link to these networks, so that together they will cover a continuous landmass from the Southern to the Northern Hemispheres, thus presenting unique and new opportunities in the study of global change.

A primary objective of the Inter-American Network is to provide scientific data and findings on airborne particulate matte that are useful to environmental organizations and governmental agencies to make informed decisions about policies related to air pollution and its impacts. The Network will strive to maintain close communications with the appropriate government authorities throughout the Americas and will strengthen scientific human resources with an integrated capacity building program.

For additional information, please visit the IANABIS Homepage.