MIT Air Toxics Symposium

Endicott House, August 4-5, 2004

Chair: Robert Slott
Co-Chair: Praveen Amar

Introduction Session

Moderator, Ken Colburn, NESCAUM

Health Effects

Moderator – Dan Greenbaum, HEI




Moderator: Larry Cupitt, EPA

Air Toxics Sources 1

Moderator – David Allen, UT

State Programs

Moderator - Bliss Higgins, ENVIRON


Moderator - Praveen Amar, NESCAUM

Air Toxics Sources 2

Moderator – David Allen, UT

Panel -

Moderator – Ken Colburn, NESCAUM

What should we do/change? How much danger do air toxics pose? Where? How much risk relative to PM and ozone? What should be our spending priorities?